About Us

The UK, from the early days of So Solid Crew and the Streets has held a great, often unnapreciated,
influence on the world of music. The unique urban sound that has come from the UK has always looked
promising and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.
In recent years, the rise of social media and accessible Youtube channels such as SBTV and Link Up TV has driven
a large number of aspiring artists, young and older to alike begin to make a serious living out of this.
Anyone with the right amount of desire, passion for music and talent, can quite easily gain recognition and
notorioty with the help of the above channels. Record labels are living the dream, easily being able
to identify the next big thing.
Here’s where BeatsTurtle come in! This exciting new climate for music brings new artists, songwriters,
record labels, managers and producers. We want to offer a place for all of those people to be able to
share their material in one common place. Whether that be showcasing a song you have written or whether you’re
looking for an another artist to collaborate with.
More specifically, we want to enable producers to be able to sell and share their beats.
We believe that producers are revolutionising the music scene and we want them to be given the exposure that they
need within this fast changing arena.
We want to give people a chance to get their name and brand out there.  Whether you’re new to the scene or experienced, whether it’s afro swing
or heavy metal you’re into this is the place for you.
As the CEO and founder of BeatsTurtle, I recognise how universal and life changing music can truly be.
With urban music finally being acknowledged and respected in the way in which it should always have been.
I feel that this is the perfect time to capitalise on it’s reach and connect the right kind of people
to take this even further.
I am honoured to be a part of this powerful platform and hope to see it bring even more joy and prosperity
to the youth and people of the UK and worldwide.